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We have also published critical articles concerning Judith von Hall, nevertheless, Rudolf Steiner spoke through the internal word to us in 3/20/2011: "we should learn to co-operate with each other."-

Rudolf Steiner once wrote a letter to Marie Steiner, in which he said that one had to be 40 years old to work for the white lodge in public. (See CW 262, page 22, German edition, 2002). Rudolf Steiner gave the following indication when the writer Hermann Keimeyer questioned him using the internal word that he, Rudolf Steiner, did not want to announce any dogma through this letter at that time. Gautama Buddha also worked in public before his 40-th year. The stigmatised Judith von Halle would carry her physical body with her into devachan after death because it would be the resurrection body (phantom body). That’s why the limit of 40 years does not apply to her.

End of the inspiration by Rudolf Steiner.

Rudolf Steiner is more than Master Jesus according to the investigations of the writer – and Judith von Halle also states this in a lecture given in Berlin ‑ because he has developed further. Nevertheless, he is identical with him after Hermann Keimeyer’s investigations or astral wanderings (not only once) in the spiritual Goetheanum in the etheric circumference of our Mother Earth.

Postremark by Hermann Keimeyer: When one speaks of the physical body which can be taken into devachan, the spirit-body is meant behind the physical body, the phantom body or the resurrection body, it is the body of forces which builds up the physical body-

3/20/2003: Hermann Keimeyer who is only one of the last disciples of the cosmic Christ received the unequivocal statement from Him by the internal word: "that Judith von Halle as a stigmatised individuality stands above the law of 40 years.".-