Why is the primeval Zarathustra = Aristotle = Master Jesus?


By Hermann Keimeyer


Because of an inquiry from our readers´ circle, I try to explain once more my oppinion concerning
this question - the detailed reasons are given in Hermann Keimeyer´s writing How Does One Find
the Masters in the Higher Worlds?

The primeval Zarathustra, the founder of the ancient Persian culture-epoch, renounced his magic
forces in his incarnation as Aristotle in order to form Western thinking only by means of human forces
 of thinking.
He took over the spiritual germ of Socrates´s physical body before his descent to the
earth. Socrates was a young soul, whereas he was an old one, however, Aristotle needed this body
 for his goals of life. Therefore, Socrates had to look for a substitute for his incarnation, and that´s why
 he was also that ugly – like Tomberg who said of himself that he was as ugly as a pig.

After his incarnation as Aristotle, the Zarathustra's soul resumed his own spiritual germ of an old soul
 that had been waiting in the lunar sphere and returned the spiritual germ of Socrates's physical body
to him for his further incarnations.  

Rudolf Steiner explained in his lectures that Aristotle was not embodied at the moment of the Mystery
of Golgotha. This may be interpreted in such a way – according to our investigations in the higher
worlds (in the spiritual
Goetheanum) – that the Mystery of Golgotha only begins with the baptism in the
Jordan. The period before it was a time of preparation. And when
(the ego of) Aristotle (= primeval Zarathustra) was suspended out of his physical body and other
 members at the baptism in the Jordan to sacrifice them to the sun archangel Christ who entered
 into them, there it happened that Aristotle´s ego-being that was called Master Jesus from now on
 could create the sacrificed members anew for his further incarnations.

The fact that Rudolf Steiner is identical with Master Jesus is proved to any Michael's pupil who is
allowed to experience an astral wandering to the spiritual
Goetheanum, the cosmic Grail cult, and in
 the writing of Werner Christian Simonis (he published approx. 20 writings) entitled: Guarded by the
(Z). Marie Steiner is there quoted who regretted at that time that the members of the
Anthroposophical Society had not recognised that Rudolf Steiner´s higher self was Master Jesus.

(Z) publisher:  Die Kommenden, Freiburg (Germany)