Whitsun revelation of Gautama Buddha from the cosmic resurrection world of the 12 Christ forces

Written by Hermann Keimeyer

It was during his morning meditation on Whitsun Sunday in 2010 that Hermann Keimeyer was allowed to
 have a meeting
with Gautama Buddha, imaginatively, inspiratively and intuitively. We may hand it over to
 our dear readers.

At the outbreak of the 1-st Gulf War, Gautama Buddha appeared in his indiscribable magnificence to
Hermann Keimeyer three times to teach him about his -
Gautama BuddhaÂŽs- future working.-

After the writer's (Hermann Keimeyer) own research by his 9 accompanying hierarchical beings, in the
 sense of Rudolf SteinerÂŽs foundation-stone saying,
from angelos to seraphim, he would like to explain
that since the 1-st Gulf War � First Gulf War means the border conflict between Iran and Iraq that
lasted from the 22nd September, 1980 to the 20th August, 1988!! � when the deployment of the
atom bomb threatened,
Gautama Buddha came from Mars again to the earth to work in the earthly
periphery, in the spiritual world, to help the Christ forces to save
the Mystery of Golgotha in the
consciousness of humankind. He will have an effect for 3 times 33 years here with us human beings,
before he returns again to Mars to his central work which is continued now by Saint
Francis as his
greatest pupil together
with Gautama BuddhaÂŽs most advanced disciples.

Whitsun 2010

Now I, Gautama Buddha, speak by means of the internal word to one of my minor pupils, Hermann
Keimeyer, at Whitsun 2010 that his readers may check critically how they can realise these
suggestions in themselves

He who can internalise all the statements of Rudolf Steiner in his Collected Works (CW) about me,
Buddha, and wants to accept also the explanations about me in the writings and web
pages of Hermann Keimeyer critically in himself, - he can always find if he needs it according
 to his karma my revelations of spiritual-cosmic light and warmth in himself to become stronger on
Michaelic training way given by my great spiritual brother Rudolf Steiner.-

Being confronted by the overpowering world of the media (today and in the next future) that press
the spiritual pupil hard, he should try to bring his consumption of this world in a balance with his
spiritual studies, concentrations,
and meditations, so that he can find my revelations and those of
the other Christ forces in himself.

I want to say to the chaotic persons on the training path � they exist, too � that they
 should strive for harmonising their external and internal lives to receive me and help to spread
my impulses.

End of the inspirations of Gautama Buddha at Whitsun 2010.

Rudolf Steiner in CW 131, �From Jesus to Christ", lecture 8 (literal translation): "The most
 important the European humanity can receive from Buddha is not traced back to tradition of
that which Buddha has given 500 years B.C. but from that which he has become since that time."

Last actualisation  (Thursday, 27th May, 2010)